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Home Care Series • Natural All Purpose Cleaner
Natural All Purpose Cleaner

Natural All Purpose Cleaner

- Suitable for cleaning  glass, crystal, basin, bathtub, toiletries, kitchen, oven, stainless steel pots, kitchen utensils, tables, rubber and timber surfaces, pipe, tiles, marble, and metal ( silver, copper, stainless steel, iron, tin ).

- Can clean up pencil or pen marks on wall, leather bags and shoes dirt.
- Wide use range, can remove stubborn dirt.
- Powerful cleaner, but will not hurt our skin and damage the goods.
- Ability to neutralize the acid rain and will not cause damage of environment and ecology.

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Firstly, shake it evenly. Then pour appropriate amount of natural all purpose cream cleaner directly on a wet cloth or sponge, scrub the stain until it vanish and finally, wash away with water.