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Home Care Series • Natural Protectant
Natural Protectant

Natural Protectant

- Special formulations where combine decontamination, protection and polished function in one.
- Protects equipment from air pollutant and UV light damaged.
- Can prevent hardening and cracking.
- Maintaining equipment in clean and luster condition.
- Prevent electrostatic, equipment will not contaminate with dust after using.
- Suitable for wood furniture, leather goods, artificial leather, plastic products and other.
- Non - flammable, non - toxic, non - corrosive.
- Safe and easy to use.
- Contains lubricant, not suitable apply on floor and glasses.

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Firstly, shake it evenly. Then pour appropriate amount of natural all purpose cream cleaner directly on a wet cloth or sponge, scrub the stain until it vanish and finally, wash away with water.