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Car Care Series • Natural Car Wash
Natural Car Wash

Natural Car Wash

- Clear grease on car and luster the outlooks.
- Highly concentrated with less quantity usage.
- Will not spoil the car's paint, anti - rust and reduce the number of polish.
- Anti - electrostatic so will be less accumulation of dust.
- Do not contain soap, solvents, phosphates, EDTA and heavy metals.
- Neutral pH and is people and environmental friendly.
- Can used to clean glasses by adding a bottle cap into a wiper tank.
- The remaining cleanser can be used to clean the wheels and tires.

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Use 2-3 bottles cap and pour it into a bucket of water. Wash the cars body and then rinse with water and dry it. The remaining cleaner can be used on wheels and tires, or by adding a bottle cap of cleaner into a wiper tanks.