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Skin Care Series • Natural Rejuvenate Mask
Natural Rejuvenate Mask

Natural Rejuvenate Mask

Contains up to 40% of sediment all ages of fresh water lakes, with cleansing and detoxifying functions that help your skin:

- Increase metabolic rate
- Deep reviving, elastic and smooth
- Fully nourish skin
- To improve the immunity of epidermal
- Playing the role of cell regeneration
- Speed up shed off of dead skin
- Authorities in antioxidants, anti - wrinkle
- Promote blood circulation
- Tightens the skin line structure with uniform

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Firstly, wash the face with cleanser. Then put appropriate amount of cell renewal natural facial mask on palm. By using brush or fingers, apply the mask evenly on the surface and wait for 30 minutes. Finally wash it with warm water.