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Redemption Series • CY 2000 Energy Bracelet
CY 2000 Energy Bracelet

CY 2000 Energy Bracelet

Fashion and healthy, with incredible health functions, easy to use, anti - fatigue at any time, relaxing your body, makes your body healthier day after day. Wearing it in your hand, hanging one with your cell phone, notafraid of electro magnetic radiation, during work, always help keeps a clear mind. For regularsmokers, drinkers, the blood would be more sticky,wearing it for 15 minutes later, all pain and fatigue will be swept away, redblood cell adhesion status and acidic materials disappears, blood unimpeded.

Suitable for All kinds of sports enthusiasts
- Heavy smoker and drinker and sub -
- healthy persons
- Student groups
- Business people with excessive work
- pressure
- IT people who frequently subject to
- electro magnetic radiation
- Elderly people and children with poor
- resistance to illness

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