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Redemption Series • Multifunctional Shower Head
Multifunctional Shower Head

Multifunctional Shower Head

Germanium Shower Head
Smooth the skin, keep hair soft and lustrous, sterilization, blood circulation, remove fatigue.

Characteristics of the Germanium
The discomfort of the body is caused by too many positive electrons in the physiological current
of the human body which result in the disorder of  the physiological current. The germanium can
release negative electrons to neutralize the positive electrons once the temperature is above
32¡æ. Thus it is the best choice to balance the positive and negative electrons in human body.

It is kind of mineral with a slight electronic current. It is said that it can produce negative ions
and infrared rays.

Medical  stone
It is kind of mineral functioning as an air clarification, which absorbs the harmful substances in
the air to reach the effect of deodorization.

Dechlorination stone
Removes chlorine

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