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Redemption Series • CY 2000 Energy Pendant
CY 2000 Energy Pendant

CY 2000 Energy Pendant

- Kill viruses and bacteria.
- Alleviates aches, pains and stiffness.
- Enhances immune and endocrine systems.
- Place it over your eyes to alleviate eyes' discomfort.
- Place it on your waist to relieve stomach discomfort.
- Prevent inflammation, cancer cells and protect DNA.
- Better balancing effect, so that the elderly not easy to fall.
- Athletes can achieve better performance with improved flexibility and
- Strengthens body's bio - field, nullifies the adverse effects of harmful
- Increase alertness, concentration and promote calmness. Suitable for
- Place it underneath your skin care bottle to break down the molecules
- Place it inside the refrigerator will help lower the temperature to save
- Place it under the cup of your drink to crack the molecules to smaller
- Place it at the four corners of your bed to create an energy field, help concentration.
- electromagnetic waves.
- students, working group with stress.  
- of the ingredients for better absorption.
- electricity, keep food, fruits, vegetable fresher.
- molecules for better absorption and better flavor.
- to obtain a better sleep and wake up feeling fresher. 

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