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Skin Care Series • Skin Care Series Concept
Skin Care Series Concept

Skin Care Series Concept

Base Oil
Most of the skin care products' base oil are using the mineral oil or petrolatum, which can only nourish the epidermis, and poorly been absorbed, beside that it contains the chemical composition that will cause irritate and harm. Using for long C term will affect our health. CY 2000 Skin Care Series Products are fully using the plant C based oils, the nutrients will easily been absorbed and penetrates into dermis, and improvingthe skin effectively. 

Delivery System
A unique and developed formula that using the perfect delivery system that can cause the skin to obtain the full requirements. CY 2000 Skin Care Series Products using a high C tech delivery system C "Ultra C Micro Membrane  Vesicles" (Micro Capsule). Most of the membrane vesicles will spread to the skin when the skin tissues require and release nutrients into it slowly at the same time. Sponge Action will absorb excess oil, water and waste that is secreted by the interface between the membrane vesicles formed gap so that the pores will not block and breathing to increase metabolism. Face will remainfresh constantly with natural and health.

Preservative System
The difference between other skin care products that are using the synthetic chemical preservatives that will affect human health. CY 2000 Skin Care Series Products fully utilize organic acids extracted from natural plants from Dr. Straetmans (Germany) as an effective preservative system and harmless.

CY 2000 Skin Care Series Products is fully using the naturally emulsifiers (Eco C Cert) such as Glyceryl Stearate Citrate that can be eat and Olive extract Olivem 1000. Olivem 1000 is recommended as the world's first emulsifier that function as the active ingredients. After a rigorous selection of many types of olive extract, olive extract 'TUSCANY' is selected. It effectively brings the active ingredients penetrate the structure and the gap between the skin cells. CY 2000 series products would not contain Polyethylene Glycol (PEG) and solventtoxic agents. 

Active Ingredients
The main component of skin care products are usually using the active ingredient of animal by-products. Molecules that are too large, making it difficult to penetrate into the skin. In terms of process control bacteria and viruses are difficult to be eliminated completely. CY 2000 Skin Care Series Products uses active ingredients that emphasizes plant extracts and peptides. It uses cutting-edge technology, mixed and diluted into the product thoroughly during the production process. Plant extracts and peptides are the most nutritious, with a pure molecule, simpleand easily absorbed by the skin.

All CY 2000 Skin Care Products is "Stay On Products" (applied and left for long term). Actually, any harmful chemicals will also absorbed and penetrates into the body then will cause injury that can not be overstated. Minor injuries can damage the structure of the body and serious injuries alter the genetic factor, tumor growth and influence generations. The above problem has been found and confirmed by the scientific and medical fields. CY 2000 Skin Care Series Products using all the raw materials from plants, do not contain petroleum by-products, heavy metals, do not block the pores, safe to use and meets the needs of users.


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